The weekend

Sober and sober.  Two days into the weekend and I’m doing good.  I went thrift store shopping this morning and bought an old painting with a killer frame for $20. I brought it home this afternoon and took out the picture and sanded it down a bit.  I found chalk board paint at the local craft store and painted over it today. I turned in into a “to do” chalk board for the family. It was a pretty cool day that I spent with the kids making things. Our little project made the day go by so fast too.  Later tonight we got out the Panini machine that I got as a wedding gift seven years ago and made out first Panini’s, not sure if they were as good as the kids pretended them to be. But they had fun.  Now the kids are all washed up, teeth brushed and in bed. My oldest was very quiet most of the evening and I was constantly checking in on him in his room.  Where apparently he stays all day on his phone or tablet. I’m not sure if this is a new thing or if I’m just now noticing. I can tell my older isn’t use to me being up awake and coherent this late. He didn’t say anything, but I could see it on his face. I’m not sure if it makes me sad or proud. Anyway I’m tucking my self in to bed at 10:30pm SOBER. Dream sweet



5 thoughts on “The weekend

      1. Good for you.. that’s impressive! Often I have seen (and experienced) that often our attachment to things like alcohol, food, drugs, etc., come down to emotional attachments/addictions. Learning to cope, and navigate are key to successful days. Recovery is a journey ❤

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