The reminder

I had someone send me an email yesterday.. just kind going through their drink days when they first stopped.  The off three,on two. Off one, on nine… and so on and so forth. Just the pure turmoil of what it was like for them in the begging.

And I had a thought! What If I could bottle up the way I feel on day one; the anxiety, the guilt and the depression.  I’d keep it next to the bed, really I would, on the end table.

I’d open it every night when I get home from work and just take a small gulp.

The remainder of my past failures, the shame, feelings of remorse and the guilt. Believe it or not guilt has a taste. It’s bitter and dry.

If only we could remember day one and keep moving forward. I personally have a low point that is fairly recent enough to remind me to stay sober today.

Day one in a bottle!  Something to think about.  I bet that shit would sell.


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