Short Rant.

I spent the other night out with girlfriends. Women that were in my wedding..bridesmaids. This is always a tough situation for me.  I know they dislike the hubby, but most say really supportive things like. “You are who we love and support and if said Hubby is part of that, I still love you, because YOU are my friend and I will support you in any decision you think is right.”

I do believe this was a well thought out and talked about response between my lady friends for quite some time before they came to me.

Nerveless, the other night at dinner.  A dinner I didn’t really want to go to. I sat there and looked around, listened to the conversations and felt so out of touch about where their life’s are and where I’m at.  It felt like I don’t quite belong.

We have all known each other for 10 to 12 years.  We’ve been through a  lot of bullshit, divorces, becoming  single moms and even a few new marriages.

But the other night.  At the end of dinner. Six of us sitting around a dimly lit table after enjoying a long super.  A girlfriend of mine grabs my hand.  She holds it tightly and looks me straight in the eyes and says. “I know they say they will only do it once, but it’s a lie. It will happen again.  I want you to be ready and know that, I’ll, we’ll be here for you when the time comes.”

I almost threw up on her, literally.  Gladly, we are a large group of mixed personalities.  I excused myself from dinner and headed home. Immediately, I got a text from a GF. “What the fuck? Seriously, I’m calling you on the drive home, who the fuck says that stuff?!”

I told her I don’t really feel like I belong to the group anymore.  A few still seem to mesh with me, including my GF that called me on the way home.  What she said really stuck with me.  She asked. “Would you trade lives with her? Would you rather be her?’  The answer was a hands down no.  I  know my life isn’t perfect but like she said,  “If you wouldn’t trade places with her, don’t let her comments get you down.”

She right. It’s hard to keep your head up some days, by I’m working on it.  I’m just glad I’m not a crazy bitch, the type that would throw a glass of water across the table on someone, cause that’s what I was thinking as I got up, head spinning and walked out.


3 thoughts on “Short Rant.

  1. I’m certain that your friend meant well, but I don’t buy the comment that a cheater absolutely will do it again. No one can make any predictions about your relationship — you and your husband are the only ones living it. What do YOU think? Is there still potential? Are you both willing to work on the relationship? Answering those questions will give you more insight than anyone on the outside can provide.

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  2. Bugsmetwo. It literally sucked the joy right out of me. I feel like I know my husband and where we are headed and what’s expected in our future now. But the truth is I always though I did. It just really hit me hard and made me think.


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