Down two diamonds and up a dress…


Sunday was a great day, well sort of.  I started the morning with a long run.  Then I decided to get my monsters out of the house before they drove me crazy, husband included.

We went over to the park and had a picnic, played, ran around outside and even spent some time at the batting cages. I had declared it a success.

Then I had this crazy Idea that I would spend the rest of the day with myself, shopping.  I started out at Charming Charley at the local outdoor mall. Apparently its some sort of color coded girl store.  So out I a went.  When I first walked in I found the perfect dress and cute earrings within minuets. Seriously, I was worried, I don’t do super girly and was scared to step into such a store.  It was painless and fast.

Next I went off to “My” diamond store to have a few rings cleaned.  I waited and waited for almost 45 minutes to have someone help me.  Probably because in sweats with my hair back I look close to 19, no joking. I got passed over three times before I had to lean over the glass and politely yell “Hey, I haven’t been helped yet!”

A young lady finally came over and checked and cleaned my rings.  While cleaning them she scrubbed so hard two diamonds fell out.  GREAT! Just what I needed.  She spent the next five minuets looking for the diamonds in the cleaner and the next fifteen minutes trying to look me up in the system.  She couldn’t find me by my married name, maiden name or my hubby’s.  I finally got so frustrated that I went to grab my phone just to call him and ask him what the damn name the rings where under.  I shoved my hand in my purse and reached around, nothing.  I looked down, even did the pull your purse inside out thing. No phone! I started to feel slightly irritated.  How could this possible be any harder. Stupid me, I must have left the phone in the car, great.  No wonder hubby hasn’t called yet to see where I was.

At last, I was found in the system, rings where both under warranty and set up and sent out.

Exhausted, I walked back to the car.  As I finally sunk into my car seat, down two rings and up a dress I reached for my phone. No phone.  I got out, looked under the seat, emptied the whole damn purse out on the backseat, no phone!

GREAT! Just great!

I then proceed to head back to the two places I went to that day.  First the girly dress shop, no phone. Then over to the diamond store, the last place I wanted to be, no phone! The girl did let me know she finally found the diamonds, great, wonderful, thanks!

Panic, panic set in.  I was spinning. Now, I’ve lost two rings today and a phone!  I was having this amazing day and now it had all gone to hell. I went back to the car and started to cry. Right now I hated life.  As, I wiped my eyes and looked outside, in the bush by the car, my fucking phone!  Really? Really?

What a day! Bottom line.. crazy good day turned into stress filled manic crazy lady day. I’m not sure where I’m going or how I’m getting there and I’m sure I looked and behaved like a certifiable loon today, but I’m sober. Sober, certifiably crazy, but sober.


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