My Story

So, I Had some time last night to really think about “My Story” and how I was going to tell it. The truth of the matter is it is my story and a very personal one.  I could go on this long winded rant and talk about alcoholism and how it runs in my family.  I could tell you how horrible my childhood was and how the many traumatic moments in my life later influenced me to make more bad decisions leading to a dramatic 20’s and even more traumatic 30’s But, I think anyone that is to a point in their life that knows it’s time to stop drinking has heard all those stories before. Am I right?

My story is this:  I was drinking and it was effecting my life negatively.  I thought and knew I was drinking too much.  I have made many positive improvements in my life over the past few years and this is something that I want to do next.  I sleep better, my anxiety is much less and I find that I have more time to enjoy doing the things that I really love like hiking and running long distance. Life feels good right now and I would like to stay here.

I thought I didn’t have a choice of what I had to share.  I thought I had to poor my guts out to every stranger, friend and relative that I know, bare my sole to the world around me. I don’t, I can keep that personal, my past just for me because that’s just what it is, my past. I will tell them my story. I quit drinking for me and you know what?  My life has improved and I found that I have more time and energy to do the things that I love doing. So I think I’m just going to stay here for a while, happy, healthy and full of energy.

That’s it.  It’s quite simple when I think about it and I know staying here takes work, a lot of work. When I run into friends while I’m out to dinner or if I’m out with family I no longer have to worry about “What do I say?”



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