The little things

cloudsSuccess, well kind of, at least that’s the way the weekend felt.

This was a tough one for me.  I had a jam-packed weekend filled with Christmas parties, sight-seeing,  shopping and packing my husband up for another two weeks of work away.

A few things I accomplished this weekend…

I navigated a Christmas party while people were drinking. “Gasp, I know..”  I found out Friday night that I can successful smell red wine from five feet away.  I hadn’t known previously that I have this super power and not so much to my delight, I spent most of Friday night cutting and darting around people with wine glasses.  It was the first time I have been happy to leave a party at eight O’clock at night.

My Saturday was filled with sight-seeing and spending the day with my husband and children.  On a long ride out-of-town, we found ourselves cloud gazing.  I realized this is something we have never done as a family before and something that I was missing about life. I turned down the radio and we all yelled out what we saw in the clouds as we drove. I found a crocodile in the sky taking a bite out of the sun and the kids found a bear, dragons and even a dog… I have boys

Sunday, I had most of the day to myself.  I spent the entire day shopping.  I got all of my Christmas shopping done for the year and managed to navigate the large outdoor malls without having Severe anxiety.

What I found this weekend, was new coping skills and self-awareness.

I found that I get crabby around 4:30 pm every day.  I have started to notice that anxiety usually sets in about that time.  This weekend I tried to find new ways to relive my stress.  I also started to become more aware of my attitude as it was changing too. I went on walks, long drives and even out running.

Maybe it was my fabulous new wrap I bought this weekend or maybe it was my new boots I got for my birthday, but this weekend I felt sexy and confident in my own skin for the first time in a long time.


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