A little guidance please..

So today I started thinking about honesty in my sobriety.  I get that it is the only way this will work, but at what point are you open and honest with everyone.  Do I have to come out to everyone and Say “I’m a alcoholic!”  Do I need a sign?  Do I slowly tell those that I get together with drawing it out over time?

Right now I feel like I’m in hiding.  I’ve been to a few AA meetings and my closest family knows. I have spoken with two different women that have offered to sponsor me. Neither of them seemed right.  I feel like this journey is extremely personal and very delicate decision.let-go-let-god

It has taken me a very long time to give up and let god….

I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely religious person, but my relationship with God has always been very personal.  He has watched over me for the last 14 years as I tried to self destruct my life.  He  has saved me from two suicide attempts and a very serious overdoes.  I feel like he has a plan for me.  I wouldn’t be here today if he didn’t.

So my question is , What’s next? Do I wait for another sign?  I pray every night for his guidance in my recovery, I pray for a sign of what to do next.  What has help those of you how are currently sober?

This is a new journey for me, 8 days and counting.  What have you found that has helped?


2 thoughts on “A little guidance please..

  1. Just be sober. And, don’t drink or use no matter what! It will all come in time. And, time takes time. Profound eh!

    I have learned that praying is when you talk to God. God already loves you…no matter what. Meditation, that’s when you listen for God. And when you’re centered in your spiritual life, you will be amazed what comes to you. But that’s really getting ahead of things. Just be sober. Maybe pray that a sponsor comes into your life. One that you can help by telling your story to. And then having her share her experience and help you. It will happen.

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